Preamble Sayfna
The Sri Aurobindo Yoga Foundation

We, the residents of America have aspired since long ago to understand and practice Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga of Transformation of human consciousness and life. The aim is manifestation of higher consciousness and superior forms of life, ultimately the Life Divine on this planet earth.

As a part of individual and collective sadhana now we are determined to establish a Spiritual Center with its own environment and facilities in North America. For the time being this center will be named as Sri Aurobindo Yoga Foundation. It will have definite but flexible form of functioning giving opportunity to everyone sincerely aspiring for spiritual and material progress.

Sri Aurobindo, the outstanding political leader of India, committed to Purna Swaraj- complete freedon of India from foreign rule, could see that only spiritual development of human consciousness can ensure full freedom and development of the nation. He could see and convince that the solutions of individual and collective problems of life lies in the change of human consciousness through the practice of Integral Yoga based on Truth Consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo, born in 1872 had his early education in England for the I.C.S ( Indian Civil Service). Later he went to India to fulfill the mission of his life i.e. the independence of India. Mirra Alfassa of France, born in 1878, joined Sri Aurobindo for Yoga Sadhana and established Sri Aurobindo Ashramon 24th November 1926 at Pondicherry in South India. They have nurtured the Ashram as a living laboratory of the change of human consciousness. It is a leading spiritual institution which has attracted people from all walks of life in India and from all over the world. As a result there are numerous individuals and centers studying and practicing integral yoga in India nad other countries around the world. They are actively functioning under different names, emphasizing one or another aspect of Integral Yoga. Matagiri is one of them, located in upstate New York.

As a further step to implement the ideal of Human Unity, Auroville- an international town also known as a City of Dawn was established on 28th February 1968 near Pondicherry. Young men and women representing almost all the countries of the world brought to the soils of respective countries to be enshrined in the lotus shaped urn.

By the Auroville Act of 1988 the Government of India has adopted this project of global importance under the Ministry of Education and the world body UNESCO has adopted Auroville since its inception.

With this background we are encouraged to establish a Center in New Jersey in response to the aspiration and support of the Sadhaks of Integral Yoga. Through this Center will be autonomous, it will be working in harmony with the whole chain of centers and institutions working for a New Life on this planet earth.