Dear all,

It is with great sadness that we must inform you of the passing away late last night (August 27th) of Prof. Jagdish Vyas, the President of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Foundation of North America (SAYFNA).

For us Vyas-ji was "Mother's Lion", one whose outer personality was a human reflection of all the Four Powers of the Mother. In him one found combined a masterful intellectual and thinker, an indomitable warrior and fighter, a lover and harmonizer of the good, the true and the beautiful in people, and an indefatigable and tireless worker.

Truly one can say about him in the language of the Gita, vasudevaha sarvam iti sa mahatma sudurlabhaha - "That great soul for whom the Divine is All, such a one is very hard to find". To him there was nothing apart from Mother Sri Aurobindo and so, never for even a moment, did he live apart from Them. In all ways and at every moment he lived turned to Them and burned as a living flame for Them. Sri Aurobindo's Savtiri was for him the very stuff of his existence, the food on which his whole being subsisted and the air that he breathed.

In this life itself he had reached that stage where it could be said of him
" Now other claims had hushed in him their cry:
Only he longed to draw her presence and power
Into his heart and mind and breathing frame;

Furthermore, his powerful heart was wide enough to include in its vast embrace his beloved Mother-land, the dharma-bhoomi of India, as well as his adopted karma-bhoomi, America. Here he worked tirelessly for many years, in the face of some of the greatest tragedies imaginable, to establish a dynamic center for Mother Sri Aurobindo where
"Only he yearned to call for ever down
Her healing touch of love and truth and joy
Into the darkness of the suffering world.

Her Work continues at the center. Others around Vyas-ji, who could not help catching fire themsleves in his presence, have the immense Grace of being able to act as Her instruments in helping the center grow and manifest Her healing touch in the world. This is his lasting legacy as well as the most precious gift that he has asked from Her on behalf of America.

Although in appearance a great loss to us, in our heart of hearts we know and feel this one sole Truth behind his passing, that "His soul was freed and given to her alone."

Let us pray in calm silence and loving gratitude to Her for Vyas-ji and for his beautiful family which She keeps safe in Her loving embrace and which is also an integral part of our broader collective, Her Yoga-kula.