An effort to trace Prof Vyas's life in writing of Sri Aurobindo

Shri Aurobindo

Prof. Jagdish I Vyas was born in nationalist family of Gujarat on 12th March 1932. He obtained his M.A. from Gujarat University and M.S. from Utah State University, specializing in Chinese Politics and Government. He has participated in national and international seminars on problem of foreign policy, defense and development. He traveled extensively in India and around the world.

A passionate crusader of equality and social justice, Prof Vyas was deeply interested in poetry and politics, science and philosophy, Yoga and spirituality. Revolutionary in his approach to life and work, he has authored three books on Sri Aurobindo’s great epic “Savitri” and edited two books on Sri Aurobindo’s integral Yoga. He has authored several articles on Chinese polity and successfully edited magazines including "Chin Darshan", "Drashti" and "Hindu Horizons" over the years." Prof. Vyas was "Mother's Lion", one whose outer personality was a human reflection of all the Four Powers of the The Mother. In him one found combined a masterful intellectual and thinker, an indomitable warrior and fighter, a lover and harmonizer of the good, the true and the beautiful in people, and an indefatigable and tireless worker.

In this life itself he had reached that stage where it could be said of him
"Now other claims had hushed in him their cry:
Only he longed to draw her presence and power
Into his heart and mind and breathing frame;

Truly one can say about him in the language of the Gita, vasudevaha sarvam iti sa mahatma sudurlabhaha - "That great soul for whom the Divine is All, such a one is very hard to find". To him there was nothing apart from Mother Sri Aurobindo and so, never for even a moment, did he live apart from Them. In all ways and at every moment he lived turned to Them and burned as a living flame for Them. Sri Aurobindo's Savtiri was for him the very stuff of his existence, the food on which his whole being subsisted and the air that he breathed.

Furthermore, his powerful heart was wide enough to include in its vast embrace his beloved Mother-land, the dharma-bhoomi of India, as well as his adopted karma-bhoomi, America. Here he worked tirelessly for many years, in the face of some of the greatest tragedies imaginable, to establish a dynamic center for Mother Sri Aurobindo where
"Only he yearned to call for ever down
Her healing touch of love and truth and joy
Into the darkness of the suffering world.


A pointing beam on earth's uncertain roads,

His birth held up a symbol and a sign.

His soul lived as eternity's delegate,
His mind was like a fire assailing heaven,
His will a hunter in the trails of light.

An ocean impulse lifted every breath;
Each action left the footprints of a god,
Each moment was a beat of puissant wings.

This bodily appearance is not all;
The form deceives, the person is a mask;
Hid deep in man celestial powers can dwell.

In the transient symbol of humanity draped,
He feels his substance of undying self
And loses his kinship to mortality.
A beam of the Eternal smites his heart,

His thought stretches into infinitude;
All in him turns to spirit vastnesses.
His soul breaks out to join the Oversoul,
His life is oceaned by that superlife.

Original and supernal Immanence
Of which all Nature's process is the art,
The cosmic Worker set his secret hand

To turn this frail mud-engine to heaven-use.

He heard the inspired sound of his own thoughts
Re-echoed in the vault of other minds;
The world's thought-streams travelled into his ken;
His inner self grew near to others' selves
And bore a kinship's weight, a common tie,
Yet stood untouched, king of itself, alone.

Although earth-nature welcomes heaven's breath
Inspiring Matter with the will to live,
A thousand ills assail the mortal's hours
And wear away the natural joy of life;
Our bodies are an engine cunningly made,
But for all its parts as cunningly are planned,
Contrived ingeniously with demon skill,
Its apt inevitable heritage
Of mortal danger and peculiar pain,
Its payment of the tax of Time and Fate,
Its way to suffer and its way to die.
This is the ransom of our high estate,
The sign and stamp of our humanity.