Shri Aurobindo

Stories of Freedom Struggle of India
Through the pages of Bande Mataram & Beyond

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Web Series Bande Mataram - An Untold Story
Total No. of Episodes 12
Episode Duration Each, 45 to 55 Minutes
Genre Historical Docu Drama
Initial Target Budget Approx. INR 50 Crores / USD 6 Million
Project Duration Pre Production : Approx 3 months
Production : Approx 6 months

First stage of the web series (storyboard) has been completed and the below artifacts are ready.

  1.   Story Arc of the Project
  2.   Complete script of first episode
  3.   Storyline of 12 episodes (each with 45-55 min duration)
  4.   Character sketch
  5.   Legal Copyright of the script
  6.   Bande Mataram Teaser Released on YouTube (Link:

Sri Aurobindo, the outstanding political leader of India, committed to Purna Swaraj- complete independence of India from foreign rule, could see that only spiritual development of human consciousness can ensure full freedom and development of the nation.

This web series will provide a great opportunity to teach youth of India and the world that Indian freedom movement was guided by the spirituality in the heart of people. Independence of the India was not only necessary for India but also a great gift to the world. It was the power of love towards the Bharat Mata which moved people to give the ultimate sacrifice for the wellbeing of Bharat of that time and generations to come. Bande Mataram's message of Swaraj, Passive Resistance, Swadeshi & Boycott is as relevant today as it was in that time.

Bande Mataram was a daily English newspaper published during 1906-1908 from Calcutta and edited by Sri Aurobindo prepared Indians for the Purna Swarajya. 'Bande Mataram' captured the heartbeat of the Indian Freedom Movement and depicted the struggle, agony, victory, resilience, strength, and conflict of Indians during that era. The Boycott and Swadeshi movement were captured vividly in this daily newspaper. It showed that the Swaraj, Boycott, Swadeshi, Passive Resistance along with National Education were used as a tool by Indians to fight the British Government. It also showed the tyranny and injustice done by the British Government of that time.

The daily newspaper Bande Mataram captured extensive confrontation and tussles between the Congress' two faction parties known as the Moderate Party and the Nationalist Party. These differences eventually culminated as a split in the Congress party at Surat Congress in 1907. This daily newspaper contrasted the marginal efforts of the Moderates to deter British influence with the National Party efforts to fully liberate India (Purna Swaraj). Article in Bande Mataram exposed the British Government's bait and rule policy, an effort to prevent total independence of the Indian states.

Mission Statement :
Our mission is to showcase the factual ground realities of the events that took place during Bengal Partition, workings of people, organizations, and leaders of that time who paved the way for India's Independence during early 1900's. 'Bande Mataram-An Untold Story' is an effort to recognize and appreciate the people who played a critical role in this journey but never made it to the common narrative of the freedom struggle. It will bring to light the untold stories which were brought to light through the namesake newspaper. In doing so, we hope to complete the story of Indian independence.

In the Amrit Kal, the stories of 'Bande Mataram' is important and relevant for 'Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat'. As world is celebrating 150th Birthday of Sri Aurobindo, we are aspiring to take the message of Sri Aurobindo to the world through the pages of English Daily 'Bande Mataram'.