"Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity"


Provision is made for 50,000 residents in the main town, 20,000 in the model villages in its green belt, and 30,000 in its subsidiary projects like World Trade Centre, etc.

The site selected covers areas both in Pondicherry and in Madras States, and provides a beautiful panoramic view with the sea on the east and a number of lakes on the west and north, with the centre of the town on a high level land. Architects and engineers from different countries have volunteered their services free. Mr.Roger Anger of France is the chief Architect.

The town is divided into four Zones: residential, cultural, International and Industrial. Nothing necessary for Life is forgotten. The activities in the project cover a very wide range: industrial, agricultural, education, artistic and others. Each nation will participate in the projects in which it specialises. Each resident will be free to choose the work for which he has special aptitude, and will be given the necessary training for it.


The work in Auroville will not be a field which one is compelled to accept for earning one's livelihood but a joyful means whereby to express oneself while doing at the same time service to the whole group.

There will be no employment and no beggars. The township will provide for both the field of work and the basic needs of all. Rules will be as few as are unavoidable. Guiding principles will help each person to develop self-discipline in freedom. Auroville will also participate in the design of integrated living programme of Unesco. There will be an integrated effort and a practical research towards creating conditions, where each individual can occupy the place for which he is best suited, develop himself to his highest possibilities, inner and outer, and give his maximum to mankind.

Permanent cultural pavilions for each country and also for each State of India are an important feature of Auroville activities. To give an example, the Japanese pavilion will have a Japanese garden, house built in the Japanese style, a lake, a boat pier, a meditation house, rooms for the Tea ceremony, guest rooms, library, museum and an exhibition hall for Japanese handicrafts, works of art, etc. One will experience in this pavilion, the aesthetic sense and culture of Japan in a living manner. Thus each country and each State of India will plan its won pavilion.

Auroville will also have an International University, perhaps the first in the world, established specifically for world unity. In fact the whole of Auroville will be a living university.

An institute of integrated health sciences with a clinic will be another feature of Auroville. It will synthesise allopathic, ayurvedic, yunani, homeopathic, biochemic,. Naturopathic and other health knowledge in the light of actual experience and add new dimensions to human research. The patient will obviously receive the best care and treatment possible.

A seaside resort and the entire life and programme of Auroville will make it a great tourist attraction and a training ground for cultural tourism.

Regular conferences, seminars on different aspects of world welfare, youth camps and other similar activities will bring together those interested in a collective effort towards a new and better life.

A physical education department covering all games and sports, model agricultural villages revolutionising agricultural life by synthesising aptitudes of workers, suitability of land and technical assistance, for a better life and optimum production, a handloom village for the handloom weavers in the area, a model fisherman's village, a film studio with an artists' colony, a World Trade and Information centre, industries, all with a changed outlook and consciousness, are some of the other highlights of the project which will help to usher in a new era in every aspect of life.

Here is the dream city of which you and I have dreamt as little children and hoped that someone someday will fulfil it.

And now it is on the way to fulfilment-the city of happiness, harmony and progress with no politics, no economic exploitation, no rich or poor, no employer or employee, but all sons of God.

On 28th February 1968, will be held the ceremony for laying the foundation stone of this unique town. On this occasion, people will come from all over the world, bringing love in their hearts and the soil of their country in their hands for placing it in the lotus of mosaic specially made for the purpose, as symbolic of their Co-operation in this project which has been unanimously accepted by the General Assembly of Unesco.

Auroville invites all those who are dreaming of a better humanity and a better world to participate in this saga of world progress.


The evolution on earth cannot stop with man. It continues and man will be surpassed. In this further evolution lies the fulfilment of present humanity and a solution to all the problems with which it is faced today. And here at last is a place for those who want to evolve consciously.

The foundation of Auroville was laid on 28th February, 1968, when in a symbolic act of world collaboration, boys and girls from all over the world came together and placed a handful of soil from their country in a marble urn shaped like a lotus bud.

Auroville has been unanimously supported by UNESCO. Auroville was initially established and developed by Sri Aurobindo Society under the Presidentship of the Mother. It was taken over in 1988 by the Government of India and is being administered by the Auroville Foundation, an autonomous body created by an Act of Parliament


The dot at the centre represents Unity, the Supreme; the inner circle represents the creation, the conception of the city; the petals represent the power of expression, realisation.