The Mother

Mirra Alfassa was born in Paris on 21st February 1878. From her childhood she nurtured high aspirations and became aware of her exceptional destiny, of the part she would take in the work of world-transformation. Towards the beginning of the century, Mirra went to Algeria, where she received help from Max Theon, a Polish occultist, and his wife Alma.

In 1914 she met Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry and had the inner revelation of the role she was to play in his yoga. In April 1920, after a sojourn in Japan, she settled permanently in Pondicherry.

When Sri Aurobindo withdrew into solitude, in November 1926, he requested her to take up charge of the disciples who had gathered around him. This was the beginning of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Over the years the Ashram has grown into a community of more than a thousand disciples.

In 1951 the Mother founded the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education with the idea of working out a new way of education that would help humanity open itself to the supramental consciousness whose action was beginning to be felt throughout the world. “what we want to teach”, she said, “is not only a mental ideal, it is a new idea of life and a realization of consciousness.”

After she withdrew in 1958, she became more deeply involved in what she called “a yoga of the body”, a yoga that would open the way to a transformation of the cellular consciousness. She knew that without this transformation it would be vain to try to transform matter and change human life into Life Divine.

On 28th February 1968, the Mother founded Auroville, “the City of Dawn”. This international township, located ten kilometers from Pondicherry, is meant to be a laboratory for the future evolution of man, and is dedicated to “the ideal of human unity”.

The Mother was the creative consciousness of the work of transformation that Sri Aurobindo initiated. She left her body on 17th November 1973. But as she had said several years earlier, in 1956: “The manifestation of the supramental consciousness is no more a promise, but a living fact, a reality”.

A page of the Earth’s evolution has been turned.